WhatheFish Delivers!

Life in the times of Covid-19 means no more dining in. But don't worry, you still can get your favorites from WhatheFish!

Check out our delivery menu! OR,

If you're within 3km of our cafe in Jurong East and need a quick fix for your lunch, dinner, or even just a mid-afternoon snack, order from GrabFood or foodpanda!


What Are We Doing?

Just another fish store? NOPE! WhatheFish! aims to bring excitement and variety to the local dining scene. Too often, customers wanting to eat fish must either be prepared to fork out more money in a restaurant or be contented with run-of-the-mill fish & chips or fish soup in hawker centres.

Not anymore! WhatheFish! gives you awesome fish dishes that won't break your budget and will make you go “WTF gimme more!”

At WhatheFish! we cater to your every mood with healthier choices as well as those comfort food for days when you need the extra boost! Check out our menu to find out what floats your boat!

We also take pride in preparing as much of our items by hand. No off-the-shelf batter and generic sauces for us! Instead, we lovingly mix our own batter, cook our own onion gravy and barbeque sauce and painstakingly mash our potatoes every morning, just so that you get only the best from us.

                                                                          So, visit us for your next meal at WhatheFish!

Why Us?

Only the Best!

At WhatheFish we do not just use any fish, but top tier fish like salmon and cod!

Hand made goodness!

Every dish including our sides are painstakingly hand made by our chef to ensure only the best tasting food goes down your gullet!

What are we up to next?

Fish us out at our next event! Find out more here!