What Are We Doing?


Just another fish store? NOPE! What The Fish! aims to bring excitement and variety to what is commonly found in our local hawker centres. Too often, customers wanting to eat fish have to either be prepared to fork out more money in a restaurant, or be contented with run-of-the-mill fish and chips or fish soup in hawker centres.

Not anymore! What The Fish! gives you one-of-a-kind fish dishes that won't break your budget and will make you go “WTF gimme more!”

Why fish? Fish is well known to be high in omega-3 which does all sorts of wonderful things for your overall health. Coupled with cooking methods that won’t cause you to betray your diet (think not fried, less oil etc), What The Fish! is definitely something to be added to your roster of must-eat places!

WhatheFish Delivers!


Maybe the weather is too hot for lunching out? Maybe you are doing overtime and need a good dinner for that extra motivation? Or maybe you just can't be bothered with the hassle? Not to worry, WhatheFish delivers! Either click on the icon above and order through UberEats or better yet, order directly from us to enjoy more discounts for large orders! Just go to our order page and order away!

Why Us?

Only the Best!

At WhatheFish we do not just use any fish, but top tier fish like salmon and cod!

Hand made goodness!

Every dish including our sides are painstakingly hand made by our chef to ensure only the best tasting food goes down your gullet!

What are we up to next?

Fish us out at our next event! Find out more here!